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We are creative designers with a burning desire for our clients’ success.

We’re conscientious. We’re dedicated. And we totally ‘get’ what a brochure is supposed to do!

Those who come to us do not need ‘just another’ design firm. There are enough such agencies around. What our clients need and what we provide is salient thinking, meaningful experience and significant expertise in brochure design and production.

These are the main reasons for choosing Grey Matter.

Not personality. Not process. Not price.

People have a strong relationship with a good brochure or catalogue. It’s a source of inspiration as well as information.

A unique combination of skilled design, attention to detail and great production values elevates a piece of printed collateral to a powerful marketing and sales tool.
Knowing how to achieve that is where we come in.

So when you’ve decided to put the odds in your favour and get a harder working sales or corporate brochure contact us.
Because taking chances with your brochure design and production is far too costly.

Use your head. Use Grey Matter.